Recording Software ST3402


  • Multi-channel Monitoring and Recording Simultaneously
  • Auto Launcher after PC Reboots
  • Manual, Event Driven and Scheduler Recording Mode
  • Remote Digital Output and Input Indicators
  • Zero Waiting Database Searching and Event Preview
  • Seamlessly Integrates with All VIVOTEK Network Cameras
  • Hard Disk Storage Indicators and Alarm
  • High Compression Ratio Enhancing Storage Capacity
  • supportss Dual-stream Live Viewing and Recording
  • Simultaneously Controls Multiple Windows


  • supportsed Devices

    • VIVOTEK video servers VS2403, VS3100P, VS3102
    • VIVOTEK network cameras 3000 series, 6000 series, 7000 serics
  • Viewing System Requirements

    • supportsed OS: Microsoft Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000,XP, Vista
    • CPU: Intel Pentium IV 2GHZ
    • Memory: 256 MB SDRAM
    • Display chip: nVidia TNT, TNT2, GeForce series with 32MB display memory (Windows XP, 2000 only)
  • Video Compression Type

    • MPEG-4 (short header mode)
  • Frame Rate

    • NTSC: 1~30 frames per second
    • PAL: 1~25 frames per second
  • Exporting Format

    • AVI file with synchronized audio/video, printer, bitmap for snapshot
  • Resolution

    • NTSC: 176x120, 352x240, 704x480
    • PAL: 176x144, 352x288, 704x576
    • CMOS: 160x120, 320x240, 640x480
  • Motion Detection

    • Three detection windows for each channel with intelligent adaptive motion detection by modifying the sensitivity and object size
  • Recording

    • Mode Manual control, event driven, scheduled Video only, audio only, or both
  • Playback

    • Scheme Date, time interval, and event triggering with preview for every camera
    • Controls Play, Stop, Pause, Fast Forward, Slow Forward, Pull-bar, Zoom in , Zoom out
    • Speed Available from 1/16~16 times speed
  • Alarm Features

    • Monitoring 16 channels I/O
    • In-image motion detection indication
    • Local warning sound
  • supportsed PTZ units and protocols

    • Sony EVI-D30/31
    • Canon VC-C1, VC-C3, VC-C4
    • Dynacolor SmartDOME
    • Lilin protocol
    • Custom driver is supportsed
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